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Help feed front-line services

Lets try get at least one sandwich to every ambulance service, hospital personnel, doctor, nurse, pharmacist, carer, healthcare assistant, and COVID-19 volunteer. Starting in Co. Wicklow lets see how many sandwiches we can supply to our hardworking front-line services. A sandwich costs €2.50 to supply and deliver, thanks to the help of local small businesses. Can we all spare a little to make a difference and to tell our hardworking front-line hero’s how much we really appreciate their hard work during these challenging times?

How can you help

What's the goal?


You might say its only a sandwich but to a stressed-out ambulance driver who hasn't had a chance to stop today and grab some food, it's appreciated. To the volunteer who also lost their job due to COVID-19 closures and has decided to help at the new pop up testing centres its a meal they don't have the money to buy themselves. It's a quick bite to eat for a crazy busy nurse trying their best to just keep up. It might be only a sandwich but its a THANK YOU from all of us to these wonderful front-line workers.

Local Businesses

With the help of a local small businesses (who also need support in these trying times) we can get a range of daily fresh hand-made sandwiches as required for €2.50 each and these will be delivered to our local ambulance bays, hospitals, testing centres, doctors offices', etc. you name where and we will deliver them a sambo! Get in touch with us with your suggestions for local places with busy front line workers so we can say thank you with a sambo!

Get Involved

We need your help to make this a real thing. Can you spare €5 to buy a couple of sandwiches for these hard-working heroes? Any amount little or large will go a long way to showing appreciation. As donations come in, sandwiches will start to go out. Maybe we can partner with a local coffee shop as well to get some much-needed caffeine in the mix. We will post everything on our social media pages to stay transparent so you know where the donations are going. Join us on Facebook, Twitter or search #sambosforambos


Get Involved

Your input is what will make this possible. Whether you can contribute financially or share the cause. I would greatly appreciate it.

say thank you

This is simply about showing our variety of front-line workers appreciation and saying thank you. That is what all of this is about. #bekind #sambosforambos


Who is behind the scenes?

There is no big team, no company or corporation just  me trying to make a difference with the help of local small businesses and your support.

I am Hazel Hoad a local Graphic Designer and a mum of 2. I started this campaign as I wanted to help in anyway I can and hopefully with your support we can all make a difference and support our front-line services from Co. Wicklow to nationwide throughout Ireland.

Why are we doing this?

These are unprecedented times and everyone is a little scared right now. Can you imagine how our front-line servicemen and women must feel? They are putting their own health aside in aid to do their job and help our country and our sick and vulnerable cope with this Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic Ireland is facing. None of us know yet what will come and what will happen in Ireland but what we do know is that the Irish are there for each other in times of need. We look out for one another, we support each other and we help each other where we can. That is where the idea for Sambos for Ambos came from. 

Supporting Local Businesses

We are all very appreciative right now of the efforts of each and every one of our ambulance crews, doctors, nurses, medical professionals, pharmacists, carers, healthcare assistants, and volunteers. But I am also thinking of the small businesses and their employees and hopefully, these sandwich orders will help them out in these hard times too. 

get involved

how you can help

Make a donation

Any donation amount is greatly appreciated and will be put to good use, supporting our local service and showing them we care by providing a range of fresh hand-made sandwiches

Join our Efforts

These are trying times, and I understand money is tight. If your not in a position to make a donation a share on social media is just as important as we need to get the word out to make this work. #sambosforambos


Do you know a facility where the staff is stretched for time and resources due to this coronavirus and needs a little nourishment and appreciation? Send us a message and we will do our best to get a sambo out to them asap. 

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